Meet The Triangle Doula Collective

Once you hire me as your doula it is my clear intention to be with you at the time of your birth. Because both birth and life are unpredictable, it is also important to have backup plan should there be any reason that I am unable to attend your birth. The Triangle Doula Collective provides an extra level of support that ensures that you will have a highly qualified and trusted doula with you at your birth. The doulas that make up the Collective have all been doulas for a minimum of 10 years and each of us is also a trained childbirth educator. We share a common understanding of the transformative and powerful nature of the birth process and want to support you in having the birth of your choice. In the unlikely event that I cannot be with you at your birth, rest assured that one of these wonderful women will be there with you in my place.

Please visit and “meet” the extraordinary women who support me in supporting you. You will also find a calendar of our upcoming meetings HERE

Monthly meet the doulas get together

Joanne Dahill birth doula holding baby