Our Experiences with Joanne Dahill

“My husband and I tell our friends that hiring Joanne as our doula was the best and most important decision that we made for our daughter’s birth. It’s difficult for me to talk about without getting emotional, but suffice it to say that she was really there for us during some harrowing labor-moments. Her support — emotional, psychological, and physical — and her suggestions — practical, affirming, and calming — helped turn a potentially frightening experience for me into an empowering experience that I feel proud of. My husband, who was initially skeptical about hiring a doula, said that he would hire her again in a heartbeat. Joanne was also very available prior to the birth for prenatal massages, to answer questions, discuss our birth plan and suggest many helpful resources.”


“A skilled and resourceful doula, Joanne helped to make the birth of our first child an empowering experience. She provided invaluable physical and emotional comfort before, during, and after the birth. Before the birth she met with my husband, my mother, and me to answer our questions and help demystify the entire process. In the course of my pre-natal massages, she relaxed my body and my mind. During labor, Joanne helped keep us calm and focused on the baby. Her touch, encouragement, suggestions and soothing presence enabled me to have a relatively short labor and a natural childbirth. After the labor, she gently directed me during the crucial first nursing. During her follow-up home visit, Joanne demonstrated infant massage techniques to comfort our newborn and relieve his gas. A caring and nurturing person, Joanne called us several times to check on our son’s jaundice and generally ensure that we were adjusting well to parenthood. I recommend Joanne unequivocally and frankly do not understand why an expectant mother would not consult a doula.”

Jacqueline M. Olich, Ph.D. Durham, NC

“My husband and I were so happy to have Joanne with us during the journey of my pregnancy and birth of our twins. While I was expecting, she guided us in mapping out our plans and expectations for a hospital birth. This was particularly helpful because we were much better prepared when the time came. At the hospital, Joanne was the clear thinker who reminded us of what our options were and what we wanted to ask the doctors. Joanne was our advocate, a soothing and nurturing presence, and the font of knowledge that we could turn to. I look back on the twin’s birth and feel like it was a beautiful experience, and Joanne played a huge part in making it that way!”


“Taking the Hypnobabies course with Joanne Dahill was a wonderful and enriching experience. Joanne was an inspiring instructor who taught me about the power of my own mind and positive thinking. Through Joanne’s encouragement and Hypnobabies’ reading material and DVDs, I learned how self-hypnosis could assist in the easy and natural birth of our daughter. When I had a prenatal massage with Joanne, I still remember discussing how to best visualize my ideal birth experience, and sure enough it was a safe, fast, and beautiful water birth. I was only at the Birth Center for two hours before our Jenna was born, and I stayed surprising calm the whole time! Since this is our first child, Joanne even came to our home twice in order to give breastfeeding support and teach us how to give an infant massage, which Jenna just loves. It is without hesistation that I would recommend Joanne to be someone’s doula and/or Hyponobabies instructor; she is an incredible asset to any woman seeking an amazing and empowering birth experience.”

Tara Navarro

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